• IntelliScreenX Out of Beta, Adds Messages+ Integration [GIVEAWAY]

    The wait is finally over. IntelliScreenX is out of beta and adds Messages+ integration (M+ still in beta). Plus, lots of bugs have been fixed, as well as full iRealSMS and biteSMS support.

    It's been almost a month since Intelliborn released their highly acclaimed iOS 5 application, IntelliScreenX, into a public beta. Since then, a ton has changed. Lots of bugs have been fixed as well as tons of new additions to IntelliScreenX's overall performance and experience.

    A little while into the public beta, word of Messages+ (used to be called Tlert) integration into IntelliScreenX was published here on ModMyi; another milestone in Intelliborn's journey to making IntelliScreenX even better. However, this feature was only available to private beta testers at the time. Now you can experience the whole shebang as IntelliScreenX is now out of beta and is available on the ModMyi repository.

    Messages+ integration is available in the version as well, but is still currently in beta. To enable it, you must go into IntelliScreenX's settings. Along with Messages+, full support for iRealSMS and biteSMS are included in the official IntelliScreenX package.

    Go check it out! Note that IntelliScreenX is for iOS 5 only, however supports all iOS 5 devices except the iPad (at this time).

    Name: IntelliScreenX
    Author: Intelliborn
    Version: 1.1.104
    Price: $9.99 + free trial ($7.99 IntelliScreen owners, and free for users who bought IntelliScreen within the last 30 days)

    Note: Messages+ comes free with IntelliScreenX. If you wish to use Messages+ without IntelliScreenX, it will be $6.99 for new users, and free for previous owners of Tlert. Messages+ will become a separate package as soon as it is out of beta.

    You have an opportunity to win one of 5 copies of IntelliScreenX, courtesy of Intelliborn. Here's how you can enter. You can do either or:

    • Follow @ModMyi
    • Follow @joshmtucker
    • Tweet from the site or retweet off of ModMyi's Twitter feed with "Win a copy of IntelliScreenX." You must include your Cydia Account number, a link to article, as well as mention to me (@joshmtucker).

    • Comment on this article with one way you think IntelliScreenX could be improved.
    • Include your Cydia Account Number in the comment

    I will choose the winners a week from today.

    Are you excited? I sure hope you are! Post your thoughts below!

    Source(s): Intelliborn
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    1. digitalreflex's Avatar
      digitalreflex -
      This looks very slick and makes me want to update my 3gs to iOS 5! I currently use my iphone as a gophone and have very limited data, my one suggestion would be to allow users like me the ability to set how often it checks for new data (assuming it doesn't since I haven't tried it yet).
    1. metaserph's Avatar
      metaserph -
      This package has evolved into my communications center. Smooth blend with BiteSMS and the ticker is great. Noticeably reduced load on battery and pretty fast response. really can't say enough.
    1. 2k1's Avatar
      2k1 -
      Will have to check this out.
    1. borregro's Avatar
      borregro -
      I think one way of improving intelliscreen x is the option to disable calendar events or reminders from appearing in notification center. Currently, as far as I know, you can only reduce the events shown from the next week to at least the next day. I don't like seeing my calendar events in the notification center of intelliscreen X. I hope this is useful. My cydia accoun number is 1379183
    1. tinymech's Avatar
      tinymech -
      Entering the giveaway.

      I loved the beta for IntelliscreenX, I think some things that could use improvement are how Calendar events and Reminders show up. On other Notifications you can minimize them or remove the notifications, like with Messages and Mail notifications. If IntelliscreenX would allow us to remove Calendar and Reminder notifications from the Center that would be amazing.
      Cydia Account #: 3002944
    1. jobran's Avatar
      jobran -
      suggestions for intelliscreenX - make it possible to choose a fav. page ( mail, facebook, twitter ) and make as a springboard page, i would love to see my facebook wall on my springboard. - this is possible cauz lockinfo has this option, but intelliscreenX is way cooler.

      suggestion for messages+ - i only want a quickreply and quickcompse feature, thats why i dont like both bitesms and irealsms. so messages+ is great, but it would be nice to add: 1. background picture to the UI ( it doesnt look nice right now, it doest the job, but and option to chose a wallpaper for the messaging thread would be nice ) and 2: when i open click compose, u can write the name of the contact, why not give an option to choose from recent conatcts, or from fav list ( u can choose either from the settings ), it would be alot faster than typing the name each time, instead of just tapping the most recent one, or one of the fav. contacts. Thanks Jobran cydia account #3002924
    1. NovaTornado's Avatar
      NovaTornado -
      The should allow modifications to the clock and twitter area. Modifying the layout and such would be nice. Cydia Account# 88405
    1. mmaboi21's Avatar
      mmaboi21 -
      I think this is a great tweak and don't really see how I could add to it as I'm real content with everything... Can't wait to win though

    1. SnowLeo's Avatar
      SnowLeo -
      Compatibility with apples weather and stock widgets. Compatibility with sbsettings. Compatiblility with all notification center tweaks in cydia. App switcher in notification center. Much easier theming capabilities. Ability to launch configurable apps from notification center. Respring, reboot, ect from notification center. Enable push notifications on nonsupported devices (like boxcar). Ability to select premade themes for notification center and for the notifications themselves. Additional settings for actual notification such as dismiss time, top/bottom of screen, ability to not show at all, ect. Battery percent and statistics in notification center. Ability to have notifications on top of the widgets and collapsed to a predetermined height. Music widget with album art pause/play rewind, fast forward, maybe even ability to pick song. Photo widget, facebook widget. #340460
    1. abcderick12's Avatar
      abcderick12 -
      I really love the ISX Ticker and how it shows my new fb and twitter feeds, but I just wish the "scrolling through the feeds function" on the ticker would stay forever (although updated) and didn't disappear after you scroll over to the fb or twitter page for a couple seconds. $10.00 is a little steep to just want the ISX Ticker because I don't really like the cluttered look of everything else. Why have your entire Facebook app in the notification center, when you can just open the app itself? *opinion! i thought widgets were where it's at. But nonetheless, great job, this is a great tweak love to win it
    1. zinjen's Avatar
      zinjen -
      For a long time I have been a lockinfo user but lately I feel the developer's path of integration with iOS5 is limited in several ways. After using ISX from beta day #1 I have really been blown away how "Apple" it felt, and fulfilled everything they left out of the iOS5 release.

      One thing that could be improved on is the ability to set collapse on specific line items. (Maybe final release has it, I don't have the recent build). Also deeper Facebook Integration, contacts faces in posts showin on lock screen, etc. Overall, love this tweak and will most likely buy it either way

      Cydia Account #: 745264
    1. kennyleeme's Avatar
      kennyleeme -
      A way to improve it: Create a way where you can just X out of each lines and it would be a great benefit!Cydia Account #936
    1. peu's Avatar
      peu -
      It would be great if IntelliscreenX uses font sizes according to the accessibility setting of the iPhone, not everyone has 20/20 vision Also it would be nice to be able to customize calendar days to be shortened to 3 letters and only put start time of the appointments.My Cydia is: #62438 Cheers!
    1. huntaz556's Avatar
      huntaz556 -
      Im loving intelliscreenX and everything about it it is amazing ! i love how i can just pull down notification center to check my twitter feed and see what my friends are saying on facebook i think it would be cool to add a messenger like adding support for google talk aim yahoo messanger and so on, but either way it is my favorite iphone tweak hands down ! #1628522
    1. metaserph's Avatar
      metaserph -
      I hope folks actually understand what they are asking for. This is neither a "per-page-html" widget platform or full-blown applications substitute, though it provides with the most functional, YET MANAGEABLE functions of some of these, without draining the battery of effecting performance lag. I'd think truly wanting ONE tweak to substitute apps, PerPageHtml, SBSettings, NotificationCenter, Settings, Winterboard et al is redunkulous. Just saying...I forgot to add I want ISX to jailbreak the iP4S and do away with iOS. Pretty please!
      On a serious note, integration with voice control / Siri would be awesome, to listen to notifications, reply, compose or dismiss notifications. I can see this in the future being hot...
    1. interestingkid's Avatar
      interestingkid -
      intelliscreenx is an awesome application but one thing they could improve upon is the memory usage. I used it before and it seemed to lag my iphone quite a bit, especially the notification center and how long it took to come down before everything was loaded. That's the only that holds me back with either winterboard or intelliscreenx. Keep up the good work!Cydia #: 1520222
    1. Mr. Russian's Avatar
      Mr. Russian -
      I think a great addition would be instead of having a transparent background in the lockscreen in the notification center, but to have a blurry one like here. i think this would be awesome to make it very cool. love this. my cydia account number is 2820476.
    1. Commandor's Avatar
      Commandor -
      OMG!! I really want this, the one makes notification center to be notificationX center!!!

      I think it could be cool if intelliscreenX releases a lite version that can be extended to full version.

      Or something like plug-ins, some free, some paid, that we could set NC more personal.

      And I suggest that:

      1. There could be more toggles in the section of quick settings (or extendable) that we can totally get rid of sbsettings

      2. "Quick Reminder" could be added as a part of intelliscreenX. We can set reminders seamlessly just inside NC.

      Cydia number: #2282374

    1. theroyalwe's Avatar
      theroyalwe -
      IntelliscreenX is almost 100% perfect right now, there's really only one thing that I want changed/tweaked and that is when responding to an SMS with BiteSMS at least, instead of having that menu pop down I'd rather it be a 1-click to respond kind of thing as oposed to the two it takes now (nothing major just a nice fix since BiteSMS already offers all the options in the dropdown). Other than that I can't wait to try it out some more and hopefully some speed improvements

      Cydia # - 2519272
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