• Apple Accuses Amazon of 'False Advertising'

    On the heels of hot and heavy rumors suggesting that Amazon is poised to release a smartphone to compete with the iPhone next year, Apple is blasting the juggernaut online retailer for "false advertising." And, as you might imagine, this has something to do with this week's successful launch of the Kindle Fire tablet.

    Having already filed suit against Amazon over its use of the term "App Store," Apple took matters further Wednesday by amending its original complaint to acknowledge how Amazon has been engaged in false advertising practices since the Android tablet was first unveiled six weeks ago. Since that time, Amazon has been focusing on the name "Amazon Appstore" as opposed to the "Amazon Appstore for Android."

    "Amazon's use is also likely to lessen the goodwill associated with Apple's App Store service and Apple products designed to utilize Apple's App Store service by associating Apple's App Store service with the inferior qualities of Amazon's service," Apple added to its filing, tossing in a few screen shots for a visual representation of Amazon's alleged transgressions.

    Beyond the filing's amendment, Apple is not offering official comment on the accusations levied against Amazon. This simply illustrates another telling example of how Apple will not relent until any reference to an "App Store" leads back to the Cupertino, California-based tech giant.

    Source: CNET
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