• Apple Removes Controversial WikiLeaks App

    It comes as less than a shock to many that Apple has pulled the unofficial WikiLeaks iPhone application from the App Store. What is surprising, however, is that Apple allowed its entry in the first place. Released just days ago, the controversial app in question costs $1.99 and serves up access to the documents that make WikiLeaks what it is.

    The application - while not officially affiliated with WikiLeaks or its founder Julian Assange - also connects users with the @wikileaks official twitter feed. But as of today, those who click the app's link in the App Store get the following message: "Your request could not be completed. The item you requested is not available in the US store."

    The move may put Apple at risk for a distributed-denial-of-service attack, of DDoS, from Assange supporters. A DDoS attack floods a target site with external requests, making it nearly impossible for the site to function normally. Hackers sympathetic to Assange have claimed credit for similar attacks on Amazon and PayPal.
    The app's developer Igor Barinov confirmed that Apple has yanked the app from the App Store. Apple itself is yet to respond to formal requests for comment on the matter. Of course, Apple isn't alone in its appetite for distance from the controversial website and all related materials. Since November, the likes of Amazon, PayPal, Mastercard, Visa, and Bank of America have ended all business, banking, and financial relationships with WikiLeaks.

    Washington Post
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