• Apple Claims Kindle Misuses 'App Store'

    Amazon’s full range of new and improved Kindle devices, including the Fire, are now available to consumers. It makes sense then that Apple would modify its lawsuit against Amazon to accuse the internet retail giant's Kindle devices of infringing on its App Store trademark.

    In the complaint filed last week Apple claims “Amazon began altering its use of the infringing mark by omitting or de-emphasizing the use of the ‘for Android’ suffix to the ‘Amazon Appstore’ phrase.” This new complaint is just part of the larger legal between Amazon and Apple over the ‘App Store’ trademark which started in March of this year.

    Apple tied the change of Amazon’s “Amazon Appstore” to the launch of the Kindle Fire. Promotional documents use the “Amazon Appstore” on Amazon’s website, and in other marketing materials across the web. Apple is requesting that the the “for Android” suffix be added to all references of Amazon’s App Store.

    Apple presented a screenshot of Amazon.com with an advertisement for the Kindle Fire that used the phrase “Amazon Appstore — thousands of popular apps and games.” Amazon has since changed the ad’s copy, completely omitting any references to an “Amazon Appstore.”

    Apple’s filed for the “App Store” trademark in 2008, but the application is pending, waiting for a resolution of opposition from Microsoft. Microsoft asked the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to deny Apple’s trademark application last January, but the decision is on hold because of the Apple vs Amazon case. Somehow I see this jumbled mess of litigation dragging out for a while yet.

    At least until Apple actually owns the "App Store" trademark.

    Source: PC World
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