• Steve Jobs Was A Genius Check Out How He Brainstormed At NeXt Computer

    It's no surprise that Steve Jobs was a genius businessman.

    Steve Jobs was a genius. He was a business professional, a salesman wizard. If something needed to be done to sell a product, Jobs knew how to do it. In these videos, found by The Next Web, we are able to see some internal videos of how Jobs saw business. We can also see how he ingeniously pieced together data to know exactly what he needed to know to make his company successful. These videos are from when he was with NeXt. But, as we all know by now, NeXt was bought by Apple and Jobs returned to Apple at that time.

    In these videos, Jobs sits down with the NeXt crew to discuss what they need to do to provide excellent products. He sits them down to tell them what other companies are doing, and then tries to figure out how to do it better. He looks for weak points in their strategies that he can exploit to come up ahead. He looks for what the market wants so that he can make something that will feed it.

    Some of the companies that he examines include IBM, Sun, and HP. We know these names today. IBM is still a company that helps make hardware, Sun hosts Java for us, and HP continues to be an OEM for PC's. Apple, as we know, does all of those things. Apple makes their own hardware, their own software, and their own Java. Steve wanted Apple to do more than one thing, so that buyers into the Apple market would buy into everything else so that everything would just fall into place. That same logic, is the magic behind Apple's multi-billion dollar company today. They are in the personal computer business, the tablet computer business, the smartphone business, the music business, the video business, the software business, the accessory business, and more.

    Taking a look at just how Jobs brainstormed with his workers, with these outside-the-box brainstorming sessions, we can see why Apple is as successful as it is today.

    Sources: The Next Web
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