• Report: Apple Opening Grand Central Station Store Tomorrow

    The biggest grand opening in retail is finally upon us.

    According to published reports Monday, Apple will finally open its Grand Central Station store tomorrow - Tuesday, November 22 - in New York City. It will be Apple's largest retail store in the world. This one location will be staffed by some 300 employees, most of whom we understand are presently finishing up training ahead of tomorrow's purported grand opening.

    Although initial reports pegged the grand opening for November 18th, gargantuan scaffolds have been placed around the perimeter of the store, suggesting that the finishing touches are being placed on the store's facade and the much-anticipated giant video wall that will be a sight to behold.

    As MMi previously reported, the store will cover a massive 23,000 square-foot range - roughly 3,000 square feet more than Apple's current biggest stores. That's a whole lot of space to accommodate the huge flow of traffic that passes through Grand Central Station - particularly during the holidays.

    If the store does, in fact, open tomorrow, it will likely prove a "Black Friday" destination for thousands following this Thursday's Thanksgiving holiday.

    Source: Techfootnote
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