• Rumors Suggest Apple To Incorporate Nvidia GPUs in 2012 MacBook Models

    According to the folks over at SemiAccurate, Apple’s switch to AMD graphics across its entire product line could be short-lived as Nvidia’s return to Apple’s Mac lineup is expected to begin next spring. The new rumor claims that the next-generation MacBook models will be featuring Nvidia graphics processors along with Intel’s Ivy Bridge processors. The internal hardware changes are going to be featured along with a redesigned chassis that will take some design cues from the popular thin-and-light MacBook Air lineup.

    The last MacBook Pro models that featured the Nvidia graphics arrived in 2010 alongside a new proprietary graphics switching technology that Apple had developed. The higher end MacBook Pros (both the 13 and 15-inch models) released earlier this year switched over to AMD graphics, with the entry-level 13-inch model relying on integrated Intel graphics. This was due to Apple telling Nvidia off after not seeing eye to eye, which ended up in them having to feature ATI graphics in their products.

    With a limited number of suppliers, Apple didn’t have much of a choice and ended up going back to Nvidia. As SemiAccurate noted, if you boot Nvidia to the curb, you go to AMD. If you then boot AMD to the curb, then you are left with nobody. This left Apple crawling back to Nvidia and given the magnitude of the order and the success Apple is experiencing, Nvidia probably wouldn’t say no. This is good news for those who like to game on their MacBooks as the GPU upgrade will help in gaming performance as well.

    With all the new MacBook speculation flying around, I for one can’t wait for the new lineup to be introduced. Are you hyped about the 2012 MacBook Pro? Share your thoughts below!

    Source: SemiAccurate
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