• Apple Searches For Senior Executives With Backgrounds In "Web-Based Software"

    According to a new report from The Wall Street Journal, Apple is actively seeking senior-level executives to help the company build new apps and products to take full advantage of the cloud. The company is seeking to fill the leadership positions with people who have backgrounds in “Web-based software.”

    Sources are saying that Apple has not only turned to a “prominent Internet entrepreneur” but also to recruiters in the hunt for the right people. The Cupertino giant is interested in building “new apps that leverage the Web” and eliminate the need to carry multiple devices. According to the report "The company doesn't have specific Web-centric positions in mind, and it is looking broadly for talent to fill director-level positions and above, including senior executives if they find a candidate that is a good fit."

    Apple has been trying to recruit people with lower-level Web talent by hiring “dozens of engineers” with Web software backgrounds since 2010. Former employees from companies such as Yahoo and Quantcast were picked up by Apple. Sources say that traditionally successful Internet engineers find jobs at companies like Facebook or Google, both of which are known for their emphasis on Web services. Apple’s new position is one decided upon to counteract that exact issue.

    As of right now, Apple Senior Vice President Eddy Cue is spearheading the company’s Internet Software & Services business, which currently includes iTunes, the App Store, the iBookStore, iAd, and iCloud. Apple’s iCloud service launched just last month and has seen quite a bit of success already with many analysts claiming that the service would lead to “devices we haven’t thought of yet” according to analyst Ben Reitzes. Amongst these devices is the rumored Apple’s television set.

    Apple’s hunt for a senior level executive familiar with cloud services isn’t the only hole the company needs to fill. Ron Johnson, the company’s head of retail operations left recently as well. The Cupertino giant is “actively recruiting” for a replacement for his position along with attempting to fill many other vacancies. Apple as a company has been undergoing many changes but still seems to be going strong. Only time will tell if the success of the company will continue with an all-around change of management. If the company wants to continue to do well, it is quite obvious they will need to tackle the cloud head on to stay on terms with Google and they seem to be doing that quite well for now. What do you think? Share any thoughts and opinions below!

    Source: The Wall Street Journal
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