• Aaron Sorkin Admits He's Considering Offer to Create The Steve Jobs Biopic

    On October 25th, MMi's Phillip Swanson reported that Sony Pictures, which recently acquired the rights to Walter Isaacson's biography of Steve Jobs, has reached out to iconic Hollywood scribe Aaron Sorkin (The Social Network, A Few Good Men, The West Wing, The American President, Moneyball, etc.) to bring the book to life on the silver screen.

    Sorkin is now speaking out for the first time about the project in a new interview with E! Online. "Sony has asked me to write the movie and it's something I'm strongly considering," he revealed.

    Referring to Steve Jobs as a "great artist" and "great thinker," Sorkin said he is, indeed, considering the offer and will soon make a decision. "Right now I'm just in the thinking-about-it stages," Sorkin reportedly told the folks at E!. "It's a really big movie and it's going to be a great movie no matter who writes it."

    Sorkin admits that the movie has blockbuster written all over it. And, without question, Sorkin won't have to look far for inspiration to bring the movie to life should he accept the project.

    Steve Jobs has "probably inspired [my 11-year-old daughter] Roxy more than he's inspired me," Sorkin joked. "She plays with all his toys."

    Source: Eonline
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