• Translate Any Application in Real-Time with Auto AppTranslate

    Translate any application on your SpringBoard into any specified language (or based upon global settings) on the fly.

    Developers are not always keen or capable of translating each and every component of their application(s) into the many different languages out there. Unless they have access to language translations or know the language(s) off-hand, it's not an easy task! Auto AppTranslate gives you the capability to do it yourself; the jailbreak community saves the day!

    Located on your SpringBoard, enter the application to have access to a number of different toggles you can use at your disposal. Auto AppTranslate is able to work in three different conditions:

    1. Prompt for Translation - confirmation before translating when launching an application
    2. Auto Translate - will translate each and every time the application is opened
    3. Real-Time Translation - If the application doesn't support the language of the device, it will translate the text in real-time as it appears on your screen

    These options are available to you on a global as well as specific level (set what option per application if you wish). By default, global settings apply to all applications unless you override it in a specific instance or application.

    Make sure to kill an application from the background before making any change(s) to it in Auto AppTranslate. Otherwise, the new change(s) will not be applied until you do so.

    It's available on Cydia now and is compatible on all devices running iOS 4+.

    Name: Auto AppTranslate
    Author: Yaniv Danan (hacx)
    Version: 1.0
    Price: $1.99

    Note: The list of languages supported are available in the Cydia description of Auto AppTranslate.

    Source: Yaniv Danan
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    1. bplayabball's Avatar
      bplayabball -
      By the way, it's auto apptranslate.
    1. lzk123's Avatar
      lzk123 -
      Can it translate japanese to english? Can't seem to work for me.
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