• Black Friday: Get RAM for Your Mac Dirt Cheap!

    For Black Friday only....

    Does your Mac need a RAM upgrade? This upgrade will work with any new iMac, MacBook Pro and any other PC that will work with these RAM specs. NewEgg is selling 8GB RAM upgrades for only $29.99 apiece, marked down from $44.99. This RAM will work with the 2011 MacBook Pro 13-15-17 inch models as well as the 2011 iMac. This means you can upgrade your iMac to 16GB RAM very cheaply. In case you weren't aware, Apple charges $200 for the 8GB RAM upgrade. So why not grab the $30 upgrade and get the same specs for $170 off?

    I got my 8GB RAM upgrade from Crucial, who sells the 8GB (4GBx2) modules for $44.99. This is the same price that NewEgg sells them at, except that Crucial isn't having the Black Friday sale and NewEgg is. Crucial orders their RAM from manufacturer, Micron Technology while NewEgg orders their RAM from manufacturer PNY. Crucial's RAM gets a 4.5-star rating and NewEgg's RAM only gets a 3-star rating.

    Macs have some very RAM-intensive software like VMWare Fusion, Final Cut Pro, and Adobe Suite programs. If you are a big user of any of those, or you like to run numerous programs side-by-side on your computer, then why not check out this cheap RAM upgrade and have a more optimally running Mac while you multitask?

    PC users can take advantage of this upgrade as well. Windows has most of Mac's productivity software but also has its own lineup of RAM intensive software. Upgrading your RAM when you have one of Intel's new Sandy Bridge processors, when you don't have a video card, will increase your video memory. This means that you can game more optimally and lag less when playing. These processors use the Intel HD 3000 graphics which are set at 384MB of video memory when you have 4GB of RAM. Upgrading to 8GB of RAM will give you 512MB of video memory.

    Will you be buying a RAM upgrade from NewEgg for this year's Black Friday? Share in the comments below!

    Sources: NewEgg
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