• What Does Skype Know About the Verizon iPhone That We Don't?

    On Friday, word broke of Skype's alleged plan to introduce video chat capabilities for Skype Mobile on iOS. Proof of the looming update came from a "leaked document" on Skype’s official website - a doc titled “How do I make video calls with Skype for iPhone?” Then, later on Friday, following numerous published reports of the above, Skype pulled the document.

    Christmas morning, however, brought with it the discovery of the document's return. And thrown into the mix is a Verizon logo placed squarely beside the Skype logo above the aforementioned text (it was also spotted there yesterday before the doc was yanked). This peculiar situation is leading many to speculate that the folks at Skype know something that we don't.

    Since Skype is widely expected to unveil a new iPad only version of their software at next month's CES, some feel that the Verizon logo placement is simply a confusing "misplacement" of sorts, given that Skype will likely debut its video chat app for multiple carriers in January including Verizon. Or are the conspiracy theorists finally right this time? Does Skype know that Verizon is getting the iPhone in January 2011, as widely rumored and reported?

    No matter how you slice it, it's fascinating food for thought and a curious situation for Skype that is generating no shortage of buzz this holiday weekend.

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