• Apple Store Employees Can Now Get Notifications When An Online Buyer Walks Into A Store

    Apple Store employees have this cool new application that can track you around their store.

    Apple Store employees try really hard to provide the best service possible. But have you ever noticed how Apple Stores are always crowded? It can be very hard for an Apple employee to find their customer if they walk away for a second to check something out. This new application that Apple designed allows the Apple employee to find you within the store.

    A while ago, Apple updated their Apple Store app which allowed you to make a purchase online so that you could pick it up at your nearest Apple Store. Someone who makes an online pickup purchase will be registered with Apple's system meaning that when you walk into the store, the application that Apple's employees get on their iDevice will notify them that you have walked into the store and are ready to pick up your purchase. How does it do that exactly? Well, iCloud of course. Every iOS 5 iPhone has an iCloud account hooked up to it. This means that when you come into an Apple Store radius, your iCloud account will notify the Apple Store staff that the iCloud account that purchased something online is nearby and tell them to get ready to serve you. So once you walk into the store, one of the employees can bring you your purchase quickly and easily and start working on the next customer.

    This is by far one of the most efficient means of sales I've ever seen. Apple employees will not be able to, "track" you per se, but they will be able to know when you walk into the store and clear your name when you leave. This means that you won't be tracked by the Apple Store employee and that there is no chance of having your privacy infringed. The application will simply notify them after you have walked into the store meaning that they will be able to get to you faster than if you had to find an employee that wasn't busy yourself.

    If you're not one of the online buyers looking for a pickup, you can use the Apple Store application to request help from an employee. At the press of a button on your iDevice, you can invoke a notification on a free Apple Store employee's device so that they can come to your rescue.

    The Apple Store employee had this to say:
    This feature allows shoppers to ask for assistance when they feel comfortable doing so, unlike in other retail stores where customers are hounded by employees eager to make a sale.
    To recap, the Apple employee app lets the employee:
    • Be notified when an iDevice-holding online buyer makes their way into the Apple Store.
    • Be notified when an iDevice-holding customer needs help in the Apple Store.

    So what do you think? A smart move on Apple's part considering the massive volume of people that visit an Apple Store each day? Share in the comments below!

    Sources: Redmond Pie
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