• Fake Siri Conversations with iFakeSiri and ConverSiri

    For every 2001: A Space Odyssey reference hidden within Siri there’s a Rick Roll we wish Apple had included. A couple of web apps fix this problem by lettting users bypass Apple’s silly limitations and create their own fake moments of Siri hilarity.

    ConverSiri and iFakeSiri both essentially do the same thing. Utilizing simple web-app interfaces the apps allow users to enter their own custom questions and responses into custom Siri conversation generator. The app then spits out the question and responses on an imitation iPhone screen letting users save the image as a fake screenshot of a Siri conversation.

    ConverSiri’s layout is extremely simple with “Question” and “Response” entry prompts used to recreate a Siri conversations. iFakeSiri is a little more complex, but it allows for more detailed responses. ConverSiri limits Siri conversations to one question and one response, but iFakeSiri’s open ended entry box allows users to create more in-depth question and response faux-Siri conversations.

    Once either app creates the conversation users simply save the image of the fake-Siri conversation and repost it as a “screencap” of a Siri conversation. While this could make for an extremely entertaining tumblr page, the ability for everyone to fake a Siri conversation will make it more difficult to confirm Siri Easter Eggs. I definitely foresee the duping of a few news sites on the horizon, especially the less tech savvy.

    Sources: ConverSiri, iFakeSiri (via iDownloadBlog)
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      Lol pretty cool.
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      Yes very nice 👌👌👌
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      Quote Originally Posted by iYeow View Post
      Sexyparrot? Wtf?
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      Let the (Siri) trolling begin!
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      Quote Originally Posted by iYeow View Post
      What does this mean? I asked on another forum and nobody ever said.
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