• North Carolina Residents Blast Apple's Lack of Local Job Creation

    At approximately 500,000 square feet, Apple's sprawling data center in North Carolina is the size of a shopping mall, nearly five times the size of the company's existing data center on the west coast. And, as you may have heard, this elaborate construction will soon be joined by a neighboring structure of equal magnitude.

    As MMi reported earlier this fall, locally obtained permits suggest that Apple is building a so-called "solar farm" across from the massive data center it owns and operates in Maiden, N.C.

    All told, you would think - or perhaps assume - that the locals would welcome such development in light of the jobs it brings to the community. Well, that hasn't been universally true in this neck of the woods, according to new reports surfacing over the weekend.

    “Apple really doesn’t mean a thing to this town,” said a local furniture maker. “Apple was the apple of everybody’s eye, but that’s about it. It was something for everyone to ooh and aah over,” another resident told the Washington Post.

    The reason for their disapproval? Apple's juggernaut development has reportedly only brought 50 full-time jobs to the entire region - an area plagued by high (double-digit) unemployment. And although political leaders and local officials are singing Apple's praises, residents are likely to keep complaining until all this development does more to reduce the region's 13 percent unemployment rate.

    Source: The Washington Post
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