• Best Buy Lures Customers With Apple Products

    It isn’t hard to figure out why Best Buy loves Apple. But, I didn’t know they were like, you know, one in the same. Because that's what Best Buy’s recent marketing campaign is portraying to consumers.

    Best Buy’s new advertisements claim Best Buy is a “store within a store” with all the Apple gear anyone would ever need. The ad shows a sales associate demonstrating FaceTime on an iPad with the shopper responding “that is so cool. I didn’t know you guys had all the Apple products. My family is going to flip out.”

    The ad then goes into some weird storyline depicting a baffled Santa Claus when he sees numerous Apple products placed around a Christmas tree as gifts. The woman shopper looks on menacingly drinking the milk left out for Santa. A title pops up “Game on, Santa.”

    Pay no mind to the lapse in logic. If Santa were real and were actually delivering Apple products as presents, why would the woman waste thousands of dollars at Best Buy?

    Anyways a voiceover then announces “All the hottest Apple gifts, and the professionals to help,” as a number of Apple products are displayed. The Best Buy logo is then displayed with the tagline “Everything Apple. At Best Buy.”

    Best Buy as a business has been struggling for a while now, and it isn’t going to hurt their bottom line to ride the Apple money train through the holiday season.

    Source: Tech Crunch
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