• Next Generation Apple TV Code-Name 'J33' Referenced in iOS 5

    Appleís has a nasty habit of sneaking code names of unreleased devices into new iOS firmware updates. Todayís iOS 5.1 beta is no different hiding the codename for the next generation Apple TV inside.

    In the depths of iOS 5 references to a product code-named J33 are present. The J33 codename is the second of its kind. The next generation iPad was first with its J2 code name. The move to JXX code names is the next logical step. Apple exhausted its KXX code names with the CDMA iPad 2 code-named K95.

    As far as other information regarding the new Apple TV? There isnít much. The A5 dual core processor is likely to power the new Apple TV and the added power means 1080p playback will finally be possible. Rumors of an Apple TV with bluetooth capabilities have been swirling as well.

    My most desired feature for the new Apple TV is that Apple open the platform to developers. Can you imagine what the development community and their jailbreak peers could do with the new Apple TV? Airplay is nice, but there is a ton of unrealized potential with the Apple TV.

    Source: 9to5Mac
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