• Apple Updates Safari to Version 5.1.2

    Apple's Web browser, Safari, gets some important bug fixes today.

    Safari is Apple's answer to browsing the internet. It's shipped on all Macs and all iDevices and is used for viewing Web Pages like any other Web browser. Safari uses a nitro-Javascript engine for fast rendering and has awesome speeds. It's not an open source browser unfortunately, so people prefer to use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome in most cases.

    Today's update addresses some minor bugs and security enhancements. Since Mac OS X Lion was released, we all can admit that Safari has been acting strangely. In the first week, people were reporting that trying to play flash videos would simply make the Mac randomly shut down. That bug was fixed pretty quickly, but it appears that there were still problems. As addressed in this update, Safari could sometimes cause Web sites to render and then flash white. This is of course a problem because you cannot read a white screen. That issue has been fixed entirely.

    Another problem that was addressed was a memory usage problem. Safari has been known in the past to use excess amounts of RAM when running. Apple has fixed that problem now and Safari uses a normal amount of RAM when launched and while in use. Additionally, it should no longer 'freeze' or 'hang' when you are using it. I have personally been affected by the hanging because whenever I would try to load a page it would seem like the application would stop responding and then shortly after it would load. This problem has been fixed entirely as well.

    Apple also added the feature so Safari that allows you to read PDF's directly from the browser. This means that you don't have to download the PDF and then read it with an external application like Adobe Reader or Apple Preview. Instead, you can just open it and read it in Safari itself and close it when you are done with it.

    Last but not least, Apple has brought some security updates which should help you stay secure online. Albeit Mac-attacks are rarer than some other operating systems, the recent rise in Mac Trojan Horses are no joke. It's not absolutely sure what kinds of security vulnerabilities were patched in this new version of Safari, but security was enhanced which should raise green flags for some of you die-hard security zealots out there.

    You will need to restart your computer after installing this update. So save your work first!

    Have you downloaded the new Safari update yet? Let us know if it has fixed any problems for you in the comments below!

    Sources: 9to5Mac
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