• Another iPhone Ignites, This Time in Brazil

    Another iPhone exploded, this time in Brazil.

    According to Blog Do iPhone—a Brazillian website—Ayla Mota woke up because of a bad smell. Mota then claims she saw sparks flying from the screen of her iPhone 4 and the room was filled with smoke. Mota unplugged the iPhone from the wall, opened a window, and left the premises unhurt.

    This self combusting iPhone isn’t the first one reported this week. Another user’s iPhone self combusted shortly after landing in Sydney Australia. Unfortunately for Mota she purchased her iPhone 4 while in France and her carrier warranty only covers devices bought in Brazil.

    Comparing the two devices both share similar damage profiles with the burning in question occurring in the center of the battery. However, this second one seems much worse, most likely because Mota was asleep while it burned for an extended period of time. The Sydney iPhone on the other hand was put out quickly after combusting.

    With millions and millions of iPhone 4s and 4Ss in the wild these two reports could be explained away as anomalies. For the sake of every iPhone owners’ safety hopefully these are isolated incidents, otherwise Apple could have a messy recall on their hands.

    Source: iPhoneHacks, Blog Do iPhone
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    1. xNEOxGENESISx's Avatar
      xNEOxGENESISx -
      Quote Originally Posted by Mysterion View Post
      lol wuz jus about to say that too.
      we're probably gonna start seeing something like iterrorists soon. but I'm interested in hearing what apple's response would be to all this & how far this investigation will be made.
    1. djaquapimp's Avatar
      djaquapimp -
      Even if it turns up to be a common defect I highly doubt apple will recall them. Remember the ip4 antenna flaw? Did apple recall that? Nope, even though it was their own idiotic mistake for trying to innovate without properly testing! all they did was give away free bumpers. Not even cases, just a cheap bumper, god forbid they give free cases away. They might loose millions in case sells....
      If it's not for this reason I certainly can see the government getting involved with some sort of recall with the way apple handles flaws. Their moto, deny & minimize!
    1. Evilsaint's Avatar
      Evilsaint -
      I guess I'm going to have to move my charging iPhone away from my bed and keep an extinguisher close :P
    1. amyking's Avatar
      amyking -
    1. Kil0111's Avatar
      Kil0111 -
      The answer to the death-charge will most likely consist of an update, and a way to pinpoint the problem to the way we hold our phones. No recall in sight...
    1. wii1i's Avatar
      wii1i -
      that brazil look fake. that look like burn from outside not from inside.
    1. fklentz's Avatar
      fklentz -
      Mission impossible "Siri self destruct"
    1. MYPHONEI's Avatar
      MYPHONEI -
      Quote Originally Posted by gt5l View Post
      May be in 2019 they will recall iPhone 4, heck it took them 8 years to recall the iPod Nano.
      Yeah WHats next? Apple recalls LISA for failed bios or something Jeesh
    1. jasvncnt10's Avatar
      jasvncnt10 -
      Quote Originally Posted by wii1i View Post
      that brazil look fake. that look like burn from outside not from inside.
      And it looks fake to you because.....????
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