• Is Rubyra1n the Name of Geohot's Next Jailbreak?

    Sooner or later, George Hotz - the hacker known in our circles as Geohot - will release another jailbreak for iOS devices. While there's little else to report on Geohot's jailbreak front, there is growing talk about what it will be called. And it may very well be Geohot himself who indirectly spilled the beans.

    Eric Calouro, editor and CEO of Erictric Media, reported Wednesday evening that Rubyra1n may the name of Geohot's next release. Why the speculation? Well, it turns out that the domain "rubyra1n.com’ was registered with the same information found on the WHOIS page as Geohot’s other well-known domains. So could the name brought us the blackra1n and limera1n jailbreak methods be readying Rubyra1n? That's the buzz at the moment.

    The prospective arrival of "Rubyra1n" would have likely remained the most talked about news in our community today if not for the Twitter update earlier on Thursday heralding word that RedSn0w 0.9.7b4 will be released today. According to a member of the iPhone Dev Team: "Today’s beta4 will eliminate separate usbmuxd process (so many more Mac users can use it). After that, expand to Windows." This, as we know, is the 4th beta of the new “backup method,” something redsn0w has dubbed “Jailbreak Monte.”

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