• iPad 2: Mobile Safari Fastest Mobile Browser

    The iPad 2's Safari application has been deemed the world's fastest mobile Web browser.

    Tests have been conducted that measured browser speeds with the most recent Peacekeeper by Futuremark. Peacekeeper shows that the iPad 2 takes first place in Web browser benchmarks while the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 takes the second place mark in Web browser benchmarks. Samsung introduced the Galaxy Tab originally to compete directly with the iPad 2. With iPad 2 browser benchmarks showing higher numbers, it's no doubt that the iPad 2 is still cannibalizing the market not only in popularity but also in performance.

    iOS 5 brought browser improvements to iOS from the transition to iOS 5 from iOS 4. Both contain the Nitro-Javascript engines and are blazing fast, but benchmarks show that iOS 5 brought performance enhancements to the speeds. If you're interested, you can check out the benchmarking speeds and see what the differences are for yourself.

    Redmond Pie shares that the iPhone 4S is in the lead with the Samsung Galaxy SII in second place with browser benchmarks. They also share the Google Chrome is the fastest desktop Web browser while Mozilla Firefox remains the most popular browser for Mac and PC users using Futuremark's Web browser benchmarking program.

    Since Apple has managed to make the world's fastest mobile browser for both smartphones and tablets, it raises suspicion as to why they haven't made that progress on desktops. Maybe in the near future Safari for desktops will have taken the lead, but since other browsers are already there chances are that they've taken a lead and will be able to keep developing to only make it better.

    Do you disagree with the Futuremark benchmarks? Tell us why in the comments below!

    Sources: Redmond Pie
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