• Support For New AMD Graphics Cards in OS X 10.7.3 Beta Hints at New Mac Pros

    Developers unearth more information within the OS X 10.7.3 Beta each day, and the latest discovery suggests Apple will release new Mac Pros soon.

    Shortly after the Beta’s release Nektas found traces of new video drivers supporting AMD’s upcoming graphics cards. The codename “Tahiti” is referenced numerous times in the beta which also happens to be the codename for the upcoming Radeon HD 7xxx cards that will come in both XT(7970) and Pro(7950) flavors.

    MacGadget.de recently pointed out, Apple must have put support for these graphics cards in the beta specifically for Mac Pro use as no other Mac computer uses desktop graphics cards, they all use the mobile variants to save space. While, none of this really proof that new Mac Pros are coming, if Apple sticks to their usual pattern of introducing new graphics card support with each revision, new Mac Pros are likely on the way.

    However, rumors have surfaced recently that Apple has a new Mac Pro designed and ready, but the company is going back and forth on whether to release it. Apple hasn’t updated the Mac Pro in nearly an unusually long 15 months (July 2010). Apple’s Mac Pro, while nice, demand a premium over similarly priced desktop workstations. For the fiscally conscious and more technically adept a Hackintosh desktop might be the way to go, especially if Apple decides to abandon Mac Pros altogether.

    Source: MacRumors
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