• Rumors Point to Three Different Sizes for Upcoming Apple Television Set

    After citing sources in Japan, Australia’s SmartHouse reported that Apple’s new television is to come in an entry-level size of 32 inches, a maximum size of 55 inches, and a third model which would fall somewhere between there.

    According to the report, the source is a “major Japanese company” that is involved in manufacturing. It also agrees with other rumors which mentioned that the Apple television will feature Siri integration, which would allow users to control the TV set with their voice. Powering the television is said to be a processor which is expected to debut in Apple’s third-generation iPad, which should be arriving sometime during the end of Q2 2012. It is assumed that the processor will be an “A6” custom-built ARM-based CPU.

    The high-end 55 inch model is currently expected to compete with “smart TVs” from established TV makers such as LG and Samsung. According to the report, the companies’ next-generation TV sets are expected to have new features like faster processors, a “combination of OLED display,” and “Super HD” from LG. The rumors of an Apple television set have been picking up increasingly since the release of the authorized biography of Steve Jobs. In the book, Jobs hinted to the author, Isaacson that Apple was working on a completely new device that would feature “the simplest user interface you could imagine.”

    Current rumors suggest that the anticipated television set could arrive as early as mid 2012, while others say that Apple might announce it late next year with an early 2013 sale date. Are you looking forward to an Apple television set? Share any thoughts below!

    Source: SmartHouse
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