• Apple Approves Controversial Joint-Making App

    Here's something few had seen coming. Apple has apparently - and surprisingly - given the green light to "Roll Your Own," a free application that delivers a fairly comprehensive selection of tips, pictures, and even video tutorials designed to help users "master the art" of rolling, packing, and "crutches." Yes, it's an app that Cheech and Chong would be proud of.

    While the app is still available for download via iTunes, there's a tangible sense that it won't be for much longer. Even though Apple has signed off on its inclusion in the App Store (though its only available for download by users over 17 years of age), there's a strong possibility that one of the individuals pictured in the app's advertising materials will object to his likeness being used. As illustrated in the image above, California Governor, actor, and former joint-enthusiast Arnold Schwarzenegger is pictured in the app's official promotional material.

    Because of "frequent/intense alcohol, tobacco, or drug use or references," the app is clearly flagged by Apple for usage among mature audiences. Still, Apple's inconsistently stringent approval policies are once again on full display. Some, understandably, are "outraged" by the app's inclusion. Others, of course, are celebrating Apple's decision and hope it won't be revoked any time soon. But time will only tell which group will ultimately have their way. For now, at least, "Roll Your Own" isn't going up in smoke.

    Huffington Post
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