• Apple Investigated by U.S. Justice Department Over eBook Pricing

    Apple is being investigated by the U.S. Department of Justice over the company's controversial price fixing of eBooks.

    According to the Wall Street Journal, which confirmed the DOJ probe, the feds are concerned with the supposed appropriateness of Apple and its publishing partners limiting access to eBook discounting.

    "We are also investigating the electronic book industry, along with the European Commission and the states attorneys general," said Sharis Pozen, the Justice Department's acting antitrust chief. The Wall Street Journal first reported that the Justice Department has been stealthily investigating the issue since 2010.

    Meanwhile, The European Union's antitrust watchdog is doing exactly what the U.S. DOJ is doing - investigating Apple and five major publishers to get to the bottom of whether e-books can be priced and sold the way Apple and its cohorts want them to be.

    More specifically, says the WSJ, The EU will investigate whether Apple and the publishing groups "engaged in illegal agreements or practices."

    Source: WSJ
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