• Grand Central Station Apple Store Opens to Massive Crowd

    Apple’s Grand Central Store opened today at 10 a.m. The result? A fleshy, slow-moving, sea of humans christened the previously untouched premises.

    The number of videos, and pictures documenting the massive collection of people is extensive. Apple enthusiasts and unlucky saps looking to board a train but instead got sucked in by the massive groups gravitational pull patiently waited for the store to open. When it finally did, the cheering masses rushed (slowly filed) into the store to play with (wait for hours) iPads, iPhones, and computers they’ve all likely seen before.

    But, the Grand Central Store is still a sight to behold. The juxtaposition of old industrial era architecture with Apples cutting edge technology is rather beautiful. It looks more like a museum trapped in a faux sci-fi future ruled by a Dystopian Steve Jobs.

    Watch the videos and look at the pictures. If any MMi readers have footage from their visit to the store drop us a link and we’ll include in the story, or simply post it and your thoughts in the comments.

    Source: Tech Crunch, Gizmodo
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