• MacBook Air Sales On Pace to Hit 1.6 Million Units Per Quarter

    The quarterly sales projections across numerous product lines at Apple continue to be off the charts.

    According to the latest estimates from J.P. Morgan analyst Mark Moskowitz, sales of Apple's MacBook Air notebook continue balloon and will likely maintain quarterly sales of approximately 1.6 million units over the next four consecutive quarters.

    Moskowitz observes that Air shipments of 923,000 were 44% higher than the prior quarter, higher than the 17% quarter-to-quarter growth in Mac units, and the fourth quarter of accelerating sales growth.
    If the projections prove accurate, MacBook Air sales could be a much bigger revenue generator than most had anticipated in recent months. Moskowitz's projections would translate into roughly $7 billion in revenue for the Cupertino, California-based tech firm in the months ahead. And with no truly viable competitive offerings (like notebooks based on Intel's Ultrabook specification) poised to knock Apple off its perch, the momentum should only grow along with sales, says the Wall Street watcher.

    "In general, we think that Ultrabooks are highly-discretionary devices, and pricing on competitive offerings must fall below $800 before posing a viable threat to Apple's MacBook Air," Moskowitz wrote in a communication to investors this week. "In our view, Apple's first mover advantage and optimized feature set and form factor command a higher price that early adopters, productivity users, and Apple enthusiasts are willing to absorb."

    Source: Barron's
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