• Thunderbolt Display Firmware Update

    The Thunderbolt display is an external display that uses a thunderbolt connection.

    The Thunderbolt display is a very powerful display. It comes in as big as the leading iMac and can be used for any Thunderbolt Mac on the market. Additionally, they're beautiful, quick, and they aren't very power-hungry. They're made with quality aluminum and glass. They're a useful tool for anyone who wants a desktop-sized experience on their little MacBook screen. But, they work with more than just the MacBooks as they can double up as multiple displays for media editors on iMacs and other Macs alike.

    Today, Apple has released as firmware upgrade for all Thunderbolt displays which Apple reports as the following:
    This update addresses a fan noise issue affecting a small number of Apple Thunderbolt Displays and improves stability.

    The updater application will be installed in the Utilities folder inside the Application folder and will be launched automatically when you close this installer.

    Please follow the instructions in the updater application to complete the update process.
    The update is small and painless to download and install at under one megabyte and additionally you can get the update from Software Update. If you have any issues getting the update from Software Update, you can download it directly from Apple from this link and install it manually which works just as well. The fan noise issue, being fixed by a software update, probably means that the fan will be silenced a bit by spinning less and at lower RPM's. Expect warmer temperatures.

    How many Modmyi readers own a Thunderbolt Display? Let me tell you, they're great for movies. Share in the comments below!

    Sources: MacRumors
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