• Mac App Store Reaches 100 Million Downloads

    The number of iOS App Store downloads is in the billions now, and has been the subject of a few trademark lawsuits (Apple vs Amazon vs Android vs the world), but what about Apple's Mac App Store?

    Well the Mac App Store reached its own milestone with the 100 millionth app downloaded on Monday roughly a year after the Store's debut.

    For those doubting the claim, the 100 million number does not include sales of OS X Lion which is only available through the Mac App Store. Programs like Photoshop elements, Autodesk's suite of apps, and Final Cut X are some of the larger titles available for purchase and download. The number of worldwide Apple users is approximately 30 million equating to just over three downloads per user.

    Apple continues to push their vision of a physical media-less future, and the Mac App Store appears to be rounding out their quartet of digital marketplaces. Between iTunes, The App Store, iBookstore and the Mac App Store Apple is gunning for complete control of how content is distributed to their devices.

    Steve, what a sly business man you were, creating products were willing to sacrifice our consumer freedoms for.

    Source: Wired
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