• Is This Apple's 5th Generation iPhone Prototype?

    Nothing like a good "photo leak" to ramp up the iPhone rumor mill.

    Now that 2011 has arrived, there's only another six months or so until the 5th generation iPhone likely debuts. Does this mean the tech blogosphere will be buzzing with iPhone rumors, pics, and vids for the next 180 days? Unfortunately, there's a good chance the answer is yes. It's a process that they may have gotten underway today, as the "leaked photos" shared by SmartPhone Medic are reportedly those of Apple's 5th Generation iPhone (or possibly the long-awaited Verizon iPhone).

    Here we have both images and video (each from different sources) showcasing the goods. The video comes courtesy of Global Parts Direct, a company that is clearly trying to promote itself while dishing on the alleged iPhone 5 prototype. SmartPhone Medic, on the other hand, is already a well-known and somewhat credible source for leaked iDevice info. As Apple Insider reminds us, last August SmartPhone Medic got its hands on a genuine front panel for the forthcoming but still top secret fourth-generation iPod touch.

    The newest photos portray the next generation iPhone design, which suggests Apple has improved upon its flawed antenna design that resulted in the so-called "Death Grip" phenomenon. Additionally, the professed 5th generation iPhone frame reveals a retained spot for a micro-SIM card, the obvious implication of which hints at a long-awaited "world" phone design - both GSM and CDMA. While CDMA doesn't use a SIM card, Verizon's 4G network does. So if, in fact, this iPhone 5 panel is a legitimate prototype, it can clearly be deduced that Apple will be expanding its carrier relationships (likely in the US) with the release of the next generation handset.

    Real or fake? You be the judge.

    SmartPhone Medic
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