• Google Chrome Updated for Multiple Users: Sign In to Continue

    Google Chrome gets support for multiple users.

    Are you one of those people that gets sick of people going on your computer and looking through your browser settings and switching them around on you? Google wants to help you feel more comfortable with sharing your computer. In today's Google Chrome update, you can set up multiple users for your Google Chrome Web browser so that you can keep all of your settings and bookmarks in your own Google Chrome account and any guests can have their own. The best part is, when a guest makes an account for Google Chrome on your computer, they can make their own setup without disturbing yours.

    When you open Google Chrome you can sign in with your own user account and your settings will be loaded. The settings include bookmarks, browser settings, and some more trinkets. It won't keep your Internet histories private; so if you're using any kind of Web Sites that are questionable and you don't want your friends or anyone else to find out that you're using them, this feature will not cover your actions. Anyone with any user account will be able to see your history and what you've done just like if there was no user account to begin with. Here's Google's explanation of the update:

    Google Chrome updates automatically so you will notice the update when you restart the browser sometime today. Additionally, you can download the update manually by visiting this link and you can click on the blue, "Download Google Chrome" link to get it.

    Will you be downloading the new Google Chrome update? Share in the comments below!

    Sources: Mac Stories
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