• PBS's “Steve Jobs– One Last Thing” Documentary Available on DVD

    The 60-minute PBS documentary “Steve Jobs – One Last Thing,” which originally aired on November 2 is now available in a slew of different places. For those of you who missed it originally, the documentary included many interviews including interviews with Ronald Wayne, Steve Wozniak, Walt Mossberg, and even an interview with Jobs himself with a “never-before-broadcast interview from 1994.”

    If you didn’t already know the name of the documentary is based off of Steve’s catchphrase to tease audiences. Towards the end of presentations he would quickly say “Oh – one more thing,” grabbing and awing the attention of the crowd members. Much like the many other documentaries, this too “pays homage to his famous presentational skills and his unique talents.”

    If you are interested in watching the video, you can rent it on Amazon video (and its free for Prime members), watch it in Flash on PBS’ website, or grab it from iTunes. (The respective links are above)
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