• Apple Being Sued Over Caller ID Patents

    It seems like Apple ends up heading to court very often nowadays and this time ist no different. Seattle-based Cequint Inc. is seeking unspecified damages related to claims of Apple products infringing on caller ID related patents. The company who seeks to go to court in Wilmington, Delaware (where the complaint was filed yesterday) wants to prevent Apple from using the technology being disputed.

    There aren’t too many details out as of yet regarding the case or Cequint’s claims, but it is important to note that the company seems to have close ties with major U.S. carriers as well as Android, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone vendors. Cequint’s caller ID technology can currently be found in Verizon’s pre-installed City ID app and T-Mobile’s Name ID service, which launched in July. Aside from these two places, the technology is integrated in over thirty other handsets that include competing platforms, several wireless carriers, and several handset manufacturers as well.

    The two patents that were presented to the courts are focus in on caller ID data. One being for “Caller ID equipment which displays location of caller” and the other being a “Decoding and processing system for advanced determination of display of geographic information to a called party.” As always, we’ll keep you updated with any information regarding the topic as its released, so stay tuned!

    Source: Bloomberg, Google Patents (1) (2)
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