• Retina Display MacBook Pros Rumored for 2012

    Retina Display MacBook Pros? Yes please.

    That’s the rumor Digitime’s started this morning in a report citing “sources in the upstream supply chain.” The rumored MBPs would double the current MBPs’ resolution with a 2880x1800 pixel display. Doing a bit of complicated math after some deductive reasoning (dividing the rumored resolution by two) it appears the sources are citing the resolution for an upcoming 15” MBP. The current MBP have a paltry resolution of 1440x900. The retina display MBPs are expected to be released in Q2 2012.

    Doubling the resolution effectively creates four times the number of pixels on the screen. This will hopefully create fewer headaches for developers when scaling existing artwork to the new screens. Apple already supports a resolution doubling mode called “HiDPI” in OSX Lion. Apple even includes ultra high-res 3200x2000 pixel desktop images and 1024x1024 pixel icons.

    Intel’s upcoming line of Ivy Bridge processors can support monitors with resolutions up to 4096x4096, an unrealistic number given today’s consumer display limitations. Still, the notion that Apple could very well release a retina display MBP, and eventually extend the retina display technology to other platforms outside of iOS is tantalizing.

    Imagine a 27” iMac with a retina display capable of pushing 5120x2880 pixels. My video editing heart weeps at the thought.

    Source: Digitimes [via MacRumors]
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