• Apple Fans Angered by Time Magazine 'Snub'

    To some Apple fans, it was all but certain and a foregone conclusion that late Apple co-founder and iconic CEO Steve Jobs would be named Time magazine's "Person of The Year" for 2011. Although Jobs has received no shortage of high-profile tributes since his October passing at the age of 56, Time Magazine, alas, did not bestow this year's top honors on the iDevice pioneer.

    With Jobs "snubbed" according to some, the 2011 honors when to "The Protester." What is "The Protestor" you might ask? Although it sounds like a bad action movie starring Jean Claude Van Damme, "The Protestor" is Time's collective acknowledgement given to all who have changed the world this year by way of protesting. This catch-all description includes everyone from protestors in the Middle East who toppled dictatorial regimes, to those at home in the U.S. who objected to alleged Wall Street abuses.

    So, in essence, many reading this article right now are included in Time magazine's description. So, congratulations! Runners up this year (in other words, the people you topped) include U.S. Navy Admiral William McRaven, Chinese political activist Ai Weiwei, Congressman Paul Ryan, and Kate Middleton.

    Steve Jobs, however, was not totally snubbed (that's assuming you're in the camp that thinks he was snubbed at all). Time did reflect on Jobs' incredible life and achievements in a "Fond Farewell" tribute.

    Source: Time Magazine
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