• Apple's Business Prospects in Israel May Be Bigger Than Initially Expected

    As MMi reported Tuesday, Apple is thought to be on the verge of paying somewhere between $400 and $500 million to acquire Anobit, a flash memory company based in Israel.

    This news first leaked late Monday from a Middle Eastern news source, which indicated that Apple CEO Tim Cook is actively considering an acquisition of the firm, which presently has some 200 employees.

    On Wednesday, however, we leaned that in addition to the possible Anobit takeover, Apple is believed to be planning a semiconductor development center in Israel - a perfect complement to a possible purchase of the Israel-based flash storage provider.

    Israeli publication Globes revealed today that Apple's facility would be directed by Aharon Aharon, a well-known, trusted, and experienced veteran of the technology industry in Israel.

    "Aharon is scheduled to spend several months at Apple headquarters in Cupertino before returning to Israel to begin activities at the Apple Israel development center," Globes reported. "Aharon will begin operations regardless of whether Apple buys an Israeli company, and will begin hiring staff suitable for the U.S. company's planned areas of activity."

    Source: Globes
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