• Alleged Foxconn Drawings Reportedly Show iPhone 5 Diagram

    The above images are purported to be Foxconn diagrams of apple's next generation iPhone - the iPhone 5. That's according to a Chinese language Apple blog, which posted photos of the drawings. Still, a discerning, informed eye would have to conclude that there is very little compelling evidence apparent about the design to suggest that it's a future iPhone model. Many, however, believe the photos are legitimate and were likely taken by a disgruntled Foxconn employee. As a result, these images have the blogosphere buzzing Friday.

    Most tech gurus and bloggers say that the only hope for validating the images would come in the form of an official request by Apple to pull the photos from the myriad sites that now display them. Of course, it is unlikely that Apple would show its cards in such a gratuitous fashion and, instead, simply leave these pics to circulate under the umbrella of rumors that is already teeming some six months before the iPhone 5 will likely even see the light of day.

    On Wednesday, similar images and video of a reported iPhone 5 frame prototype surfaced. The "leaked photos" were shared by SmartPhone Medic, a well-known and somewhat credible source for leaked Apple info. Last August SmartPhone Medic obtained a genuine front panel for what at that time was a forthcoming but still top secret fourth-generation iPod touch. At the moment, however, it's difficult to accurately compare the alleged Foxconn illustrations with the physical prototype that turned up earlier this week.

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