• Philanthropy Talk Nixed by Steve Jobs in Isaacson Interviews

    Although the world still remains largely in awe of just how candid Apple CEO Steve Jobs was in his interviews with biographer Walter Isaacson, there were, indeed, ground rules and off-limit topics.

    According to details presented by Issacson during a recent speech, Jobs refused to talk philanthropy and how his enormous wealth would be used after his passing. Jobs, as we know, received no shortage of criticism for refusing to participate in "The Giving Pledge" campaign launched by his fellow mogul friends Bill Gates and Warren Buffett. The campaign seeks to have the wealthiest men and women in the world leave their wealth to philanthropic organizations and causes upon their death.

    Isaacson admitted that not only did Jobs "ignore a personal phone message from Bill Gates" imploring the Apple icon to give up his riches to The Giving Pledge, he also took a shot at his longtime tech rival: "Bill Gates was better at philanthropy because he didn't care about making great products."

    Already the best-selling book of 2011, there are apparently plans in the works to expand the 630-page book in the future. "One possibility is doing an extensively annotated version," Fortune reports. "Another is writing an addendum that addresses the period surrounding Jobs' death."

    "This is the first or second draft," Isaacson revealed. "It's not the final draft."

    Source: Fortune
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