• Verizon Announcement at 11am, 1/11/11

    Verizon has begun sending out press invitations for a special event next Tuesday, prompting yet another round of speculation about the long-rumored announcement of a second US carrier for the iPhone. The Wall Street Journal is quoting "sources close to the company" as saying this is indeed the case. Combined with reports earlier today that Apple had put its retail employees' vacations on hold, the news has prompted many to anticipate such an announcement.

    According to invitations sent to a number of reporters in the technology field, Verizon's event at Frederick P. Rose Hall in New York City's Lincoln Center will start at 11:00am on January 11th, 2011. The invitation contained no details about the subject of the announcement (or the significance of all those 11s), but the Wall Street Journal's John Paczkowski says that his sources tell him that the near-mythical CDMA iPhone will be unveiled at this event. The Journal led the old media sources earlier this year with reports of a Verizon iPhone, after months of vague rumors on the blogs. And one other interesting bit of news: Gizmodo, which leaked the iPhone 4 months before its official release, was not invited.

    As is always the case with these reports, take it with a grain of salt. However, the rumors have been converging remarkably well to an early-2011 launch of a Verizon iPhone. Today's revelation that Apple retail employees will not be able to schedule vacation time during a "blackout" period from the last week of January through the first half of February, was the capstone to multiple reports. Apple has traditionally put vacations on hold during iPhone launches to handle the increased demand.

    Source: Digital Daily
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