• Google's "Majel" Aimed to Compete With Apple's Siri

    The folks over at Android and Me have reportedly come across some details regarding a project named “Majel.” The project is apparently Google’s voice control project that sounds very similar to Apple’s Siri.

    Before you go ahead and start claiming that Google is jumping the voice control bandwagon, don’t forget that Google actually included voice controlled actions and search in its own iOS app already and that Android has had functions like voice-to-text baked in for a while. It’s already known that these interactions can’t compare against the things Siri can do, which is why Google is reportedly working on putting together “Majel.”

    The system is apparently named after Majel Barret-Roddenberry, the wife of Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry, and the voice of many of the computer interfaces in the science fiction series. The project is under development by Google’s Google X experimental labs as of right now and when it does appear, it is likely that it will only perform Google Searches. The final plan though according to a Google representative in an interview is that “every piece of computing surface, everything is voice-aware. It’s not that there’s a personality, it doesn’t have a name, it’s just a computer.”

    The whole idea seems to differ from Siri’s main purpose. Apple is marketing Siri as a personal assistant whereas Google seems to be taking the opposite approach. Nothing is personal, it’s just a computer providing convenience. The difference is quite big and may play a major role in the success but only time will tell. As of right now, the idea does sound interesting. Competition for Siri is a good thing for us users as it will cause the companies to provide more features for us users. Given that Apple actualy bought Siri instead of trying to develop it from scratch, odds are whatever Google puts together might not exceed Apple’s offering in innovation, but that’s fine. Whatever Google comes up with will still likely be an extra luxury at our disposal and will likely work on our iOS devices as well.

    What do you think? Are you excited for “Majel” to be released? Share any thoughts and opinions below!

    Source: Android and Me
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    1. gklein's Avatar
      gklein -
      Quote Originally Posted by Painkiller006 View Post
      Ill buy a Honda and with the money i got left ill get something else. Why would i waste my money on 1 expensive item when i can buy another one and still have money left over
      That's a logical thing to do if you don't have the finances to buy a nice car and have other nice things. My point is both things function the same. One has the association with more of a luxury or expensive line and the other is more for the economy class.
    1. secretshopper's Avatar
      secretshopper -
      Quote Originally Posted by peu View Post
      Don't forget that google has been perfecting the speech recognition with google voice for years, they have the technology already mature...
      And so has Apple. PlainTalk was introduced on the Motorola 68040 powered Quadra AVs in 1993, back when cell phones were made of cinder blocks, and was made a part of System 7.1.2 system software. The speech system outperformed the available processor speed, and was limited to phrase recognition (not text entry) but it worked, and worked surprisingly well. I used it to demo all sorts of cool things. One machine could recognize statements of another machine, so with careful script editing you could have lively conversations triggered from certain phrases (think the classic "Who's on First" routine triggered by "Hey Abbott!")

      The speech recognition was AppleScript aware and thus highly extendable.

      Admittedly Siri is more powerful than PlainTalk, and Majel might be even better, but that stuff is soooooo not new.
    1. unison999's Avatar
      unison999 -
      Quote Originally Posted by gklein View Post
      But like I said, if you can afford a Lexus wouldn't you rather drive that than a Honda? If you can't afford it then don't get it that's pretty simple. I bet you I could find somebody that can name the infinite benefits of his civic and the same for an android phone. That's great for them. The iPhone is just something that works for me and I have the luxury of being able to afford the newest one each year and afford the expensive plan.

      People try and live a champagne diet on a beer budget.

      No Apple is more like Lexus with only 1 LS model to sell.
      Android is like Toyota that offers cheap Scion models, Toyota middle range models and high end Lexus models.
      No I would not want to be stuck with just LS460, I would like to have my choices and find one that matches me. I have the money for the LS460 (company I work for bought me every one of the iPhone models and iPads) but I want to be more economical and get the hybrid model or something else.

      Only carbonated wine that can be called Champagne are the one coming from Champagne province in France, basically most so called "Champagne" is wannabe. Glad you compare Apple stuff as Champagne, both are over priced and marketing strategy is making it a "fashion statement" which pretentious people loves.
    1. Channan's Avatar
      Channan -
      Quote Originally Posted by gklein View Post
      Android phones are like civics. Cheap as hell so Honda can sell a **** load of them.

      An iPhone on the other hand is like a Lexus, built with quality materials and are a luxury so they are expensive and there are less of them on the road.

      Both cars get you from point a to b. but if you can afford it wouldn't you rather go in style?

      To one your own though.
      Lolwut? I just bought a Galaxy Nexus two days ago for $649. That's the same price as the iPhone 4S.
    1. Venom1234's Avatar
      Venom1234 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Channan View Post
      Lolwut? I just bought a Galaxy Nexus two days ago for $649. That's the same price as the iPhone 4S.
      And that phone is far more superior than the iPhone 4 ****. ICS alone is enough for me to ditch shitty AT&T and iPhone.
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