• International iTunes Match Debut Sees Early Glitches

    The rapid deployment of Apple's iTunes Match subscription services is rolling on this weekend all over the world. From France to Australia, the new service has done its fair share of globe hopping over the last 24 hours.

    Apple, however, is presently engaged in battling with some initial challenges born of a premature launch for the service in several locations. As we understand it, users in various parts of the world have taken to the web to bemoan temporary glitches associated with accessing the iTunes Store and iCloud services.

    The biggest glitch so far is the rejection of usernames and passwords, although most complaints regarding this issue have apparently been resolved. Still, Apple must have at least a few more hurdles to jump. That much we can deduce by the fact that Apple is suspending new subscription signups in countries where iTunes Match is in the process of rolling out.

    New users from Canada to Great Britain report receiving the following message when attempting to sign up: "iTunes Match is temporarily not accepting new subscribers. Check back later." As of this writing it isn't clear how long the subscription service will be suspended. But in light of the enormous demand and weeks of international hype, I would suspect that Apple is getting to the bottom of this issue without haste.

    Source: MacRumors
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