• Virtual Stocking Stuffer: $50 iTunes Giftcard for $40 Via Email From Walmart

    The Apple deals continue with Walmart's latest iTunes giftcard offer: $40 for a $50 iTunes gift card via email.

    Deals on iTunes gift cards are nothing new, but this deal is especially juicy because the card comes immediately via email and the free shipping that would have been used on the card can be used on other items.

    After purchase the virtual gift card can then be gifted to someone else via email to once the buyer has received their confirmation email and logged into www.walmart.edeliverygroup.com with the provided PIN. Walmart should send the email almost immediately, but it can take up to 48-hours before arrving in your, or the recipient's inbox.

    The Interwebs, destroying the actual act of opening presents and emptying stockings one innovation at a time.

    Source: Walmart via [Tech Bargains]
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