• Watch BBC's Steve Jobs Documentary "Billion Dollar Hippy" While Available on YouTube

    BBC and their excellent streak of documentaries continued with the recently released "Billion Dollar Hippy" a documentary cataloguing Jobs rise, fall, and monumental comeback leading up to his death.

    The documentary includes a number interviews with former Apple execs and industry leaders in the computing world including Steve Wozniak, John Sculley, Tim Berner-Lee, and many, many more. For those who have read the Steve Jobs biography, there is a lot of recycled information here, but there is enough new insight from people around and closely involved with jobs to warrant its watch.

    Unfortunately the video is "unofficially" available on YouTube, so stop reading and click here! For those who have a chance to watch, discuss it below. I'm nearly done and would love a little Jobs discussion to brew.

    Side note, all documentaries should be narrated by a competent British man or woman. Unless Morgan Freeman is available.

    Source: OSX Daily
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