• Apple's Pegatron Manufacturing Company Reports Explosion

    Boom. [Disclaimer: Pegatron factory not pictured above]

    Apple's manufacturing partner, Pegatron, reported a small explosion in the factory located in Shanghai, China. Pegatron, a name that most of you probably aren't familiar with, is a manufacturing factory in China that makes parts for Apple's products. Apple doesn't have their own single solitary plant in China and builds and manufactures every part for their devices on their own. Pegatron, along with Foxconn and some others are responsible for bringing Apple's factories the parts that they need to build devices and machines for Apple's end-user sales.

    Pegatron reported that the explosion was a small one and injured some workers. The part of the factory that was damaged was mainly the area used for Apple's device part production but they have reluctantly said that the small inconvenience should not bother product production one bit and that things should be back to normal in no time. While that may be the case that's a bit snobby. I think that the workers who were injured should be taken into the account of, "back to normal" but I guess that that's the way the cookie crumbles in the business world.

    In case you were wondering what Pegatron does for Apple, they help manufacture CDMA iPhone 4's. The CDMA iPhone 4 is it though. No GSM iPhone 4's. CDMA iPhone 4's in case you were out of the loop include iPhone 4's on the Verizon and Sprint networks here in the United States. They hope to add support for the iPhone 4S in the near future (which is a dual radio iPhone). At this point in time, we don't know when they will start manufacturing parts for the iPhone 4S, however they do not manufacture for it yet even though they want to.

    We hope the best for the workers at Pegatron who suffered injuries because of the explosion in the factory and we hope that their families will be close to make sure that they make a full unscathed recovery. Hopefully, Pegatron can have the explosion patched up and prevent others from occurring in the future. At this point in time, they are unsure what caused the explosion and they continue to search for clues as to what the cause was. Thank goodness that no one was killed like the similar Foxconn explosion (which killed three) and was also due to Apple's part manufacturing. Part manufacturing being making the parts before putting together the consumer products that we buy in stores.

    Update: 57 injured, 23 hospitalized with burns.

    Sources: Reuters
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