• Apple Discussing the "Future of TV" With Media Execs

    According to a report in the Wall Street Journal, Apple is pushing forward with its plans to release a full-fledged television set and in the process re-invent the way people experience content in their living rooms. This of course involves dealing with the Devil's sons: Media Executives.

    According to sources close to the project Apple's vision includes a wirelessly connected television that utilizes streaming content. However, Apple's innovations, and the discussions with execs, revolve around what would be done about Apple's current lineup of devices including the iPhone, iPod, iPad, and computers. One reported solution involves an iCloud integrated DVR system that works across all Apple devices.

    Still, how consumers would be forced to pay for this content is unclear.

    "It has also broached the idea of licensing content directly from media companies for some sort of subscription-TV service, resembling the packages now offered by cable operators, but the talks have been 'exploratory'." - Wall Street Journal Source.
    Hollywood and network executives have already made Netflix's life a living hell with rising content prices, and an inability to negotiate, but if any company can make Lucifer's sons abide it's Apple. Hopefully this means consumers will get an incredibly cheap, pay-for-play cable scheme void of useless channels no one wants to pay for.

    I wonder if Samsung will answer back with a Santa bashing anti-Apple commercial?

    :::crosses fingers::::

    Source: WSJ [via Apple Insider]
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