• Yllier Making Some of His Tweaks Free for the Holidays!

    Yllier says Merry Christmas to all!

    Yllier is the developer behind some really awesome jailbreak tweaks. Some of the most famous ones that we reviewed here on Modmyi are Adblocker, Brightness Switcher, Firewall iP, FullScreen for Safari, and ScreenDimmer. These tweaks are all very useful ones ranging from adding full screen support and browsing gestures to Mobile Safari, to adding an outgoing firewall to iOS, to giving you control over what content you see on your Web Sites, to letting you adjust how your screen dims or adding a brightness slider to your App Switcher. Whatever the tweak Yllier has a way of making it look really good.

    This holiday season, Yllier is setting up two of his tweaks for free this holiday season. The tweaks he has chosen to give away are FullScreen for Safari and ScreenDimmer. Normally, both tweaks cost $2.19 each in the Cydia store (BigBoss repo) but for a limited time they will be free (more information on that coming up).

    FullScreen for Safari lets you toggle full screen browsing while using the Mobile Safari application. You also have the ability to use multitouch gestures to control your Web Site navigation and content viewing. It's very intuitive and includes numerous settings and options to toy with in the Settings application. You can click on the link in the first paragraph to read more about FullScreen for Safari and see the review for it. I think that it's a gorgeous jailbreak tweak and I use it quite often. I like being able to remove the surrounding buttons to create a disturbance-free environment in my Web Pages. I also like to use every pixel possible on that small iPhone screen. It works great with Adblock which will work with FullScreen for Safari to further remove some disturbances.

    ScreenDimmer gives you more control over when your screen dims which gives you the power of battery management. The display is the most power-hungry part of the iPhone (and other iDevices too). Because of this, setting your display brightness to the highest setting will drain your battery considerably, and doing just the opposite (lowest setting) will help save your battery considerably. With ScreenDimmer, you can dim your iDevice screen after a pre-defined time or even turn the backlight off outright. This means that you don't need to lock your device to put it to sleep. You can simply leave it on your SpringBoard and ScreenDimmer will turn the backlight off for you - saving your battery while not in use.

    So now you must be asking, "When will they be free?" The tweaks will be free on set dates. Yllier got into contact with Saurik to set up a timed sale which will end when the time expires. Here are the set times and dates for the freebee sale:

    ScreenDimmer - From December 23, 2011 (0:00 GMT) until December 24, 2011 (11:59 A.M. GMT)
    FullScreen for Safari - From December 26, 2011 (0:00 GMT) until December 27, 2011 (11:59 A.M. GMT)

    This means that each tweak will be on sale for thirty-six hours minus one minute. The user actually just has to visit the description in Cydia and download it. The application will be shown as already purchased and a license will be created automatically (as long as that user's device is associated with a Cydia account). Updates will always be free. Thanks Yllier!

    Are you excited for the free-days? Tell us if you will be downloading these tweaks on the sale dates in the comments.

    Sources: Yllier
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    1. Mr. Russian's Avatar
      Mr. Russian -
      I will. Awesome
    1. Littlejd123's Avatar
      Littlejd123 -
      you bet
    1. donkeykongking's Avatar
      donkeykongking -
      ill probably get full screen for safari, i dont know about brightness... might check it out like why not?:P
    1. UltimateCydiaSource's Avatar
      UltimateCydiaSource -
      Love Yillier's tweaks and love the fact that they will be free!
    1. iZangetsu's Avatar
      iZangetsu -
      lol all I own all of those listed above except brightness switcher! but this is a really nice thing he's doing,
      kudos to Yillier
    1. s0ulp1xel's Avatar
      s0ulp1xel -
      If you get them while they are free will the always be free for future jailbreaks?
    1. babyydaveyy's Avatar
      babyydaveyy -
      I have a question. Right now I own the 4s and would really love to have fullscreen for safari for free but since there is no jailbreak yet, is there any other way to get these tweaks so that when the jailbreak does come out, I can use them?
    1. GrandMasterB's Avatar
      GrandMasterB -
      This is pretty awesome, I love the idea. Thanks!
    1. Yllier's Avatar
      Yllier -
      for clarification:

      the only way to get those for free is having a jailbroken device (with Cydia) connected to your Cydia Account.
      Licenses will be transfered to new devices as long as they will be linked to the same account.

      and yes, all updates will be free. it will be just like you bought it (like on the AppStore)
    1. teej1410's Avatar
      teej1410 -
      Quote Originally Posted by UltimateCydiaSource View Post
      Love Yillier's tweaks and love the fact that they will be free!
      +1 all the way
    1. Yllier's Avatar
      Yllier -
      thanks for the nice words guys. Enjoy this and the holidays
    1. spanky55amg's Avatar
      spanky55amg -
      Has anyone tried to download screen dimmer
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