• Report Claims Apple Could Issue Dividend to Shareholders Early Next Year

    Apple shareholders could be in for sweet new year dividend treat if a report from Bloomberg proves correct.

    Money manager Howard Ward claims Apple is preparing a “significant” dividend for it’s shareholders early next year to the tune of 3% or higher. The source of Ward’s claims were not revealed in his interview with "Street Smart" on Bloomberg television, but it does fall in line with Tim Cook’s reported willingness to consider options for Apple’s growing cash hoard other increasing its size.

    Apple’s cash hoard has been a hot topic among many share holders who have questioned Apple’s decision to not issue a dividend despite having roughly $80 billion in reserves. Apple previously offered a quarterly dividend from 1987 to 1995 before the company ran into financial trouble. However, Apple has argued their sizable cash hoard provides them with a strategic advantage when securing long-term component deals with very favorable terms.

    It appears where Jobs was unwilling to budge, Cook might give some ground especially with Apple no signs of slowing down financially. Cook has already increased Apple’s public philanthropic efforts with a company wide donation matching plan, perhaps his generosity will extend to those directly support their business efforts as well.

    Source: MacRumors
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