• Apple Adds "Complete My Season Pass" Option to iTunes TV Show Purchases

    Apple added a wrinkle in the way iTunes users can purchase their favorite television shows this week.

    The wrinkle comes in the form of a “Complete My Season Pass” option now available in the iTunes store. It’s unclear when this option became available exactly, but it appears to have started this week. Apple has offered a “Complete My Album” feature in the iTunes store for some time, allowing users who downloaded a few individual tracks to purchase the entire album at a discounted price. The "Complete My Season Pass" feature behaves in the exact same manner except with episodes of a show remaining in a particular season.

    Season passes offer shows at a discounted price compared to purchasing each episode individually. The discount included in the Complete My Season Pass should reflect a similar discount depending on how many episodes the user has downloaded from that particular season.

    Still, the extent of the discount is unclear. It is feasible that users with enough individual episodes purchased could add up to the cost of the entire season pass, in which case the “Complete My Season Pass” could be free. But, the service is too new to see, and Apple hasn’t made rules of the feature explicit.

    Any ModMyi users utilize the “Complete My Season Pass” feature yet? If so, what kind of discount were you given?

    Source: MacRumors
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