• Apple Continues to Support Procrastination, What Kind of Holiday Shopper are You?

    Apple continues to pump blood through the procrastinating hearts of millions of Americans and as a result pump millions of consumers' dollars into Apple’s pockets.

    Apple is now offering free next-day shipping on all non-made-to-order macs and non-engraved iPods and iPads. That means the iPad, MacBook Air, and iPhone you ordered today to satisfy the hubby will arrive with enough time for a shoddy wrap job before finding a home under the tree.

    This updated shipping means even the most dedicated procrastinators out there have roughly 48 hours left to order their Apple gifts and have them arrive before December 24. Apple’s ability to support procrastination like Simon Cowell crushes dreams has made me curious about the Christmas and Holiday shopping habits of the MMi community.

    So, what kind of holiday shopper are you? Take the poll above.

    Source: Apple Insider
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