• Steve Jobs Memorial Statue Unveiled in Hungary

    I’m not sure what to make of the Steve Jobs memorial statue above.

    At first glance the statue, commissioned by Graphisoft founder and chairman Gabor Bojar, looks like Jobs, but then the awkward Wu-Tang like hand gesture pulls me out of admiration mode and into a more perplexed state of mind.

    Bojar unveiled the statue—sculpted by Hungarian sculptor Erno Toth—in Budapest, Hungary earlier today. The bronze statue stands near Graphisoft’s corporate entrance. Graphisoft and Apple go way back to the mid 1980’s when Apple supported Graphisofts ArchiCAD architectural software.
    “Apple’s support included cash and computers at a time when Graphisoft was a small company with limited resources, working within the economic and political confines of what was, at the time, communist Hungary" — Bojar said.
    Bojar and Graphisoft’s tribute comes from the right place, and represents genuine feelings of gratitude toward Jobs and Apple. Hopefully future Jobs tributes, of which there will likely be many, come from equally genuine roots and demonstrate a little more creativity in their inception and execution.

    Source: Tech Crunch
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